Blog Content Distribution = Inbound Traffic [Infographic]

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So why blog? There are a number of reasons why, but the greatest benefit to a business is through driving inbound traffic back to your website. Content distribution comes in many forms, but over the past year we have found the following distribution channels to have the greatest benefit: social networks, video sharing sites, guest blogging, and search engines.

Distributing blog content across all of these channels will drive top of the funnel awareness. Once people reach your blog, you will need to build offers like e-books, webinars, videos, among others for people to download from a landing page.

But hopefully you get the jist of the importance of spreading your content across channels, so your blog doesn’t sit on a lonely island. Go out there and spread the content love for inbound traffic!

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  • Henry Louis

    Yes, Exactly. As you said, blog is more helpful in build traffic to our website. You have shown it diagrammatically in very impressive manner. Good post.

    • Nick Robinson

      Thanks Henry! Much appreciated.

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