Buyer Scrutiny and Content Marketing

What most companies don’t realize is that every buying process is not created equal. Therefore, the first task everyone must do before identifying buyer personas is to categorize buyer scrutiny for their product/service.

According to Kristin Zhivago, buyer scrutiny is broken down into four categories:

  • Light Scrutiny
  • Medium Scrutiny
  • Heavy Scrutiny
  • Intense Scrutiny

The basic premise behind every category is:

  • Buyer identified a need
  • They went searching for that need
  • They found your solution
  • They evaluated your solution through your content answering their questions vs. competitors
  • Possible demo or “trying it on”
  • They buy and like/dislike
  • They review or recommend to friends/family/colleagues

In coming blog posts, I will dive deeper into each scrutiny category. This is based largely on the work of Kristin Zhivago in her book, “Roadmap to Revenue, How to Sell the Way Your Customers Want to Buy“.

Now with this process in mind, how can you create content to get found, convert, and get recommendations in social media?

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