People Aren’t Checking in?

Being a waitress, I come across a multitude of different foursquare-usage-growthindividuals who love to talk about the current trends of the moment. One hot topic that I hear frequently is people’s need to “check in” through sites such as Foursquare. People in our area seem to be attracted by the allure of receiving new badges and even becoming the mayor of different establishments. With this and other geo-locating services thriving in our area I was surprised to hear that as a nation the trend is not catching on as fast.

According to an Ad Age article, new information received from Forrester Research reports that nationwide, “only 5% of U.S. online adults use say they use location apps at least once a month.” Of the 37,000 respondents, there was a 30% increase in the overall familiarity of these services, but familiarity isn’t equating to actual use.

This research does show a slight increase from the year prior (up 4%), however, one would think that the numbers would be a lot higher.

Knowing this, should your business participate in Foursquare and other services like it? Well it depends…

One problem that is apparent is that these services appear to be really popular in more urban areas, but are not as prominent in rural and suburban ones. With this in mind, I would suggest that businesses in urban areas most definitely take part in using these services. Foursquare alone has reported as to having 15 million registered users. This huge number of participants shows that the services like Foursquare could be a major help in continuing the success of your business, when used in the right way.

For businesses in rural and suburban areas I wouldn’t necessarily go as far to say that you should not bother using these services. I would just say that you would need to think of ways to create a need and want for your customers to use these services. If you aren’t displaying and making their importance known in the heads of your customers, bottom line is, they aren’t likely to use it.

Do you promote the use of Foursquare and other services like it in your business?

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