The Social Media Agency Manifesto: What do Clients Value?

I am working on a new book called “The Social Media Agency Manifesto: What do Clients Value?“, and I wanted to get your feedback on the work I’ve done so far. What should the rest of the sections be? Do you agree or disagree with my points here?


The term “social media agency” has only been around for a couple of years, and we are at a point where the ground rules have been laid out. Agency management and employees have enough experience to know what works and what doesn’t. They know what clients value and what clients perceive as tasks that are better suited for in-house work (or don’t value).

The main purpose of this e-book is for other agencies to gather around the subject of “social media services“. Why don’t we help each other provide value to clients. Wouldn’t this benefit the longevity of social media services in the long run?

Is agency community management viable?

Yes with the right clients doing their part.

This is so overstated, that it isn’t necessary to go into details, but it is the client’s responsibility to answer questions and complaints from prospects and customers, not the agency’s. Now I am not saying it isn’t possible. We’ve done it for clients, but we’ll never know their business like they will. Only with time and a training process can agencies partake in this level of customer service.

With that said, agencies may certainly consult with companies to set up the right infrastructure, but I doubt agencies will be getting much revenue from moderating communities unless they are completely integrated with a company for the long run.

I do believe there is a place for agencies to act as the monitoring and listening agents for businesses. It takes a lot of resources to stay on top of the pulse, and agencies can provide them. The hard part is working with the client to establish a workflow for responding to online conversations. Agencies that excel at analytics can deploy their resources to analyze the insights from listening software.

Is community management effective by itself?

Yes and no.

Yes if the client is handling the other parts of an online marketing strategy (see below).

No if the agency is working in a vacuum. This always leads to confusion, strategy misalignment, and poor results.

What needs to be done to be effective?

Whether all parts are handled by the agency, or the responsibilities are shared with the client, here are the items that need to be tackled.

  • Integrate with other tactics
  • Content Creation
  • Search
  • E-mail
  • PR

What do you think so far? Let me know what the rest of the ebook should cover. Thank you in advance!

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